googleMaps plugin Tutorial 04: Map Type

This is part 4 of a series of tutorial for the googleMaps plugin.

Map Type

You can use the various map type as defined in Common Map Types.

  • ROADMAP displays the default road map view
  • SATELLITE displays Google Earth satellite images
  • HYBRID displays a mixture of normal and satellite views
  • TERRAIN displays a physical map based on terrain information

If you do not specify any map type, the default map type used is ROADMAP.

{googleMaps addr="37.4219720, -122.0841430"}
Note: default = ROADMAP
{googleMaps addr="37.4219720, -122.0841430"

{googleMaps addr="37.4219720, -122.0841430"
{googleMaps addr="37.4219720, -122.0841430"

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+1 # Barrie Mckinnon 2018-02-06 12:01
Hi Guys,
A simple question. When I re-create your map using {googleMaps addr="37.4219720, -122.0841430"} the map displays fine but Street View does not operate as in your demo i.e. I can get static, stock photos but, unlike your demo, I cannot 'navigate' the view along roads etc. I do have the option to 'view in Google Maps' but I don't really want the additional step.
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+1 # kksou 2018-02-07 06:43
Hi Barrie,

That's really strange because I use exactly the same plugin that I published in the website. I simply pass the address into Google Maps API and the entire output is direct from Google. It should be site-independent.

You might want to try this plugin on another site. You can also try using another Google Maps API and see if it works.

Warm Regards,
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