Google Weather - entering city name using your country language

Many users of the Google Weather module have asked me if it's possible to enter the city name in their own lanague, such as Russian, Italian or Chinese. For example: Re:Italian language by infinito1971.

I have tried various method such as using PHP's utf8_encode() to encode the city name in foreign languages. However, none of the methods seem to work.


While the output name of the city name and weather info can be of any language of your choice, it seems that for the GoogleWeather API, you have to input the city name in English.

Well, while the Google Weather API is being used in iGoogle to get the weather information, the API itself is not official for public yet. Hopefully this will change when this API becomes official.


0 # esterf 2012-08-27 03:26
Hello, I installed Google Weathjer in Joomla 1.7, it worked fine until few days ago. now when I click on the page it gives me error 500 message.
Can you help me please?
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0 # kksou 2012-08-27 06:26
Hi Ester,

There's not enough information given. So it's really difficult for me to guess where might be the problem.

Sometimes it's due to the Google Weather server not running. It should be working again after a few hours, sometimes a couple of days.

It could also be due to conflicts with some other plugins or modules that you have recently installed.

One test you can do is to install a fresh install of Joomla somewhere on your site and then just the google weather module. See if the module is running ok. This will allow you to see if it's due to Google Weather server problem, or due to conflicts with your other modules or plugins.

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