New version of googleDirections and googleDirections_tohere plugins - Support for Responsive Design

The latest versions of googleDirections and googleDirections_tohere plugins now support Responsive Design!

Have been wanting to do this for a long long time. Finally found some time to really sit down and figure out the CSS codes to enable the responsive design.

  • For larger screen, the map and the direction will be placed side by side - map on the left, directions on the right
  • For smaller screen (e.g. mobile), the map will be displayed on the top and the directions below the map
  • For iPad and iPhone 6/7 Plus, the landscape mode will show the map and directions side by side, and the portrait mode will show the map on top and directions below.

I have updated the codes across all Joomla versions all the way back to Joomla 1.0. (Not sure if there's still anyone using Joomla 1.0...)

One more thing: starting this version, I have added support for the the Joomla Update System for all the 3 related plugins. What this means is that once you have installed this version, Joomla will inform you whenever there is a new version of googleMaps, googleDirections or googleDirections_tohere. You can simply update theese plugins from within the Joomla backend at the click of a button!

You can download the latest versions in the links below:

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