googleSearch component - a large gap appeared after the search result

If you are using the googleSearch (CSE) component, chances are that you find a large gap appeared after the search result.

Please take a look at the following two articles:

As you can see, this is the "default behavior" of the Google CSE Search.

If you do a view source of the search result page, you will see that Google sets the iframe as height="1860" (maybe to leave room for googleAds):

<iframe width="600" scrolling="no" height="1860" 
frameborder="0" name="googleSearchFrame"

This is returned and set by There's nothing much you can do.

Of course, as suggested in the two articles above, you may "intercept" the output returned by google and change its contents. However, there's a danger that this may violate the google TOS.

There are some other methods suggested within the articles. Have tried some of them, but they don't seem to work.

Have you come across other solutions that work with the Google Custom Search API?

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