328. How to install glade3 for PHP GTK2 on windows?


Unless you have already been using Glade2 for some time, if you are new to using Glade, I would recommend that you go straight to Glade3 as I find it less buggy. The user interface is also slightly better.

However, as of today, the installation of Glade3 isn't as straightforward as it's supposed to be.

Below are the steps to install Glade3 for PHP-GTK2 on windows platform.


Updated: September 8, 2009

Latest version: Glade v3.6.7

To date, I've found 4 methods of setting up Glade3 on windows.

  • Method 1. This is the one I used.
  • Method 2. This seems to be the most official and easiest one. Thanks to Roeland from Belgium who informed me about this. Go to glade.gnome.org and click Windows Binaries in the right navigation menu, or click here to go direct to the download page. Latest version there is v3.6.7. Just download the one big fat file (about 17MB). Everything's in there. Installation is smooth and easy.
  • But one thing to note: I find that almost all my old .glade files didn't display quite right in this new version (v3.6.7). The one I have been using was v3.4.1. Maybe the new version do not read the old version glade files correctly...

  • Method 3. This installer is written by Pierre Fauconnier and strongly recommended by Dysmas who have contributed many PHP-GTK sample codes to this site.
  • Method 4. This installer is written by David Tav

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