How to Run Joomla Content Plugins in Custom HTML Modules

Plugins such as DirectPHP, googleMaps and googleDirections are called content plugins.

As the name suggests, content plugins run inside Joomla articles, or the com_content component.

If you're using Joomla 3 and above, it's now very easy to run content plugins in Custom HTML Modules.

  1. Create a new Custom HTML Module (or Edit an existing module):
    Extensions > Modules > New > Custom HTML
  2. Suppose you're using the googleMaps plugin, enter the code in the text area of the module:
  3. enable-content-plugins-in-custom-html-modules-1

  4. Go to the 4th tab "Options". Set the 1st field "Prepare Content" to "Yes".
  5. enable-content-plugins-in-custom-html-modules-2

  6. Click "Save and Close".

Your plugin should now run inside your custom module!


+1 # Francesco 2016-08-19 10:32
Very useful plugin!
I'm using it in a Custom HTML Module.
Thank you very much!
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