Side Bar Menu Apple style module
Written by kksou   
Monday, 13 October 2008

This is the module version of the Side Bar Menu Apple style plugin.

The plugin version allows you to insert the menu in a content item or article. If you want the menu to appear in a module position, then use this module.

Very Important: This module makes use of the Side Bar Menu Apple style plugin. So please make sure you have installed this plugin too for this module to work.

How to use the "Side Bar Menu Apple style" module

The syntax of the menu items definition is exactly the same as that of the Side Bar Menu Apple style plugin.

Latest Version

v1.0.1 (for Joomla 1.0) and v1.5.1 (for Joomla 1.5)
Released December 19, 2008

Fixed the warning message "Notice: Undefined property: stdClass::$params in tmpl/default.php on line 20"


How to install

  1. First, make sure you have installed the plugin Apple style Accordion Menu. This module DOES NOT work without the Side Bar Menu Apple style plugin.
  2. Download and install the Side Bar Menu Apple style module.
  3. Make sure both the plugin and the module are published / enabled.
  4. Select a module position where you want to place the module.
  5. Go to Module Manager and click on "Side Bar Menu Apple style Module".
  6. In the parameter "Content", enter the menu item definitions following the syntax as outlined here. For example,
  7. Important: If you're using Joomla 1.5.8, please refer to the article:
    How to enter HTML tags, javascript and PHP codes in Joomla 1.5.8?
    Otherwise you might find that all your HTML tags, Javascript and PHP scripts will be removed the moment you click the Save or Apply button.

    <a href="test1.html">Test1</a>
    + <a href="#">Item 1a</a>
    + <a href="#">Item 2a</a>
    + <a href="#">Item Folder 3a</a>
    ++ <a href="#">Sub Item 3.1a</a>
    ++ <a href="#">Sub Item 3.2a</a>
    ++ <a href="#">Sub Item 3.3a</a>
    ++ <a href="#">Sub Item 3.4a</a>
    + <a href="#">Item 4a</a>
    + <a href="#">Item Folder 5a</a>
    ++ <a href="#">Sub Item 5.1a</a>
    ++ <a href="#">Item Folder 5.2a</a>
    +++ <a href="#">Sub Item 5.2.1a</a>
    +++ <a href="#">Sub Item 5.2.2a</a>
    +++ <a href="#">Sub Item 5.2.3a</a>
    +++ <a href="#">Sub Item 5.2.4a</a>
    + <a href="#">Item 6a</a>
    <a href="test2.html">Test2</a>
    + <a href="#">Item 1b</a>
    + <a href="#">Item 2b</a>
    + <a href="#">Item Folder 3b</a>
    ++ <a href="#">Sub Item 3.1b</a>
    ++ <a href="#">Sub Item 3.2b</a>
    ++ <a href="#">Sub Item 3.3b</a>
    ++ <a href="#">Sub Item 3.4b</a>
    + <a href="#">Item 4b</a>
    + <a href="#">Item Folder 5b</a>
    ++ <a href="#">Sub Item 5.1b</a>
    ++ <a href="#">Item Folder 5.2b</a>
    +++ <a href="#">Sub Item 5.2.1b</a>
    +++ <a href="#">Sub Item 5.2.2b</a>
    +++ <a href="#">Sub Item 5.2.3b</a>
    + <a href="#">Item 6b</a>
    <a href="test3.html">Test3</a>
    <a href="">Test4</a>
    + <a href="test31.html">test4.1</a>
    + <a href="test32.html">test4.2</a>
    + <a href="test33.html">test4.3</a>



# mokibd 2012-10-16 09:40
A Problem: Not Found in Plugin Manager. Please Help, I using Joomla 1.5 and install that- Joomla 1.5.x: mod_SideBarMenu
# kksou 2012-10-16 18:29

Please refer to the first paragraph of this page.

This is a module. It makes use of the corresponding "Side Bar Menu Apple style" plugin. You have to install that plugin first.

You can download the plugin here:

# Cheah 2012-12-08 16:04
I have install plugin and module together in my Joomla 1.5.9.
After testing, result below shown:
SideBar_Menu_Ap ple_style} Test1 + Item 1a + Item 2a + Item Folder 3a ++ Sub Item 3.1a ++ Sub Item 3.2a ++ Sub Item 3.3a ++ Sub Item 3.4a + Item 4a + Item Folder 5a ++ Sub Item 5.1a ++ Item Folder 5.2a +++ Sub Item 5.2.1a +++ Sub Item 5.2.2a +++ Sub Item 5.2.3a +++ Sub Item 5.2.4a + Item 6a Test2 + Item 1b + Item 2b + Item Folder 3b ++ Sub Item 3.1b ++ Sub Item 3.2b ++ Sub Item 3.3b ++ Sub Item 3.4b + Item 4b + Item Folder 5b ++ Sub Item 5.1b ++ Item Folder 5.2b +++ Sub Item 5.2.1b +++ Sub Item 5.2.2b +++ Sub Item 5.2.3b + Item 6b Test3 Test4 + test4.1 + test4.2 + test4.3 {/SideBar_Menu_Ap ple_style}
Please guide me solve this problem. I need it because it's very nice and useful.
Thanks for your cooperation later.
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