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googleMaps plugin Tutorial 02: Zoom Level

This part 2 of a series of tutorial for the googleMaps plugin.

The Zoom Level

  • The keyword zoom sets the initial zoom level when the map is first displayed.
  • If you do not specify the zoom level, it will use the default zoom level of 15. This default can be changed via the Plugin Manager.

Zoom = 2Zoom = 8
{googleMaps addr="37.4219720, -122.0841430" zoom=2} {googleMaps addr="37.4219720, -122.0841430" zoom=8}

Zoom = 10Zoom = 15
{googleMaps addr="37.4219720, -122.0841430" zoom=10} {googleMaps addr="37.4219720, -122.0841430" zoom=15}