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TOPIC: Not Displaying Correctly

marrett (User)
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Not Displaying Correctly 5 Years, 11 Months ago Karma: 0  

I am running the Drop Down Menu on Joomla 1.57 under WAMP ( Apache 2.26/PHP 5/MYSQL 5.
My template is Joomart Teline II.

I have added a line in template.css ie :

table.contentpaneopen li {
margin-bottom: 0px !important;

I installed the plug in and have enabled it.

But testing it on a article , I get the menu in following format :

Item 1a Item 2a Item Folder 3a Subitem 3.1a Subitem 3.2a
Subitem5.5.1a Item Folder 5.2a .....

Could someone be kind enough to give me some idea of what I have to do .I belive it is a CSS problem but I am not an expert on CSS.


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auntyp (User)
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Re:Not Displaying Correctly 5 Years, 10 Months ago Karma: 0  

I got it to work as a menu - I think it's meant to be used to display a menu in content, but I used some other modules/plugins to get it to do what I want - that is, be a menu in it's own right.

See here:

But it doesn't work properly in Firefox 2. Fine in IE.
Don't think the developer replies to questions very well?
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kksou (Admin)
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Re:Not Displaying Correctly 5 Years, 10 Months ago Karma: 27  
Hi Auntyp,

Sorry for the late reply. Was away on a business trip for the past few days, and there was no internet access.

Have received two of your other note sent via feedback, plus another PM. I couldn't reply to you because I don't even have access to internet for the past few days.

You said:
I thought this plugin WAS meant to be a menu in its own right? I
don't want an embedded menu in content, I want a menu sitting at
top of page.

As I've mentioned very clearly in the plugin description, this is a plugin. And this plugin is used to display a menu within an article.

If this is not what you want, then this plugin might not be for you. You might want to look in to see if there's one that fit your needs.

You also mentioned that:
Issue is doesn\\\'t display properly with Firefox 2. Go to where
you have the working example on YOUR site, using Firefox 2, and
the drop down links disappear when you try to click on them. And
they hide BEHIND any text that may be below it.

As I've also mentioned in the plugin description, I did not write the core module. All I've done is to wrap this into a Joomla plugin. The core module is written by If you find that the core functionality doesn't work with some browsers, you might want to write direct to the author.

By the way, looking at your requirement, you might want to take note that the kind of menu that you wanted is usually done right inside the joomla template, as oopose to using modules. Most templates come with its accompanying meny systems. For example, take a look at

All the menus you see there are incorporated within the template files. If you want to change the menu of your template, you might want to incorporate the code from right into your template. It will run smoother and faster, with a lot more control of the exact positioning. Just a suggestion...

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